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March 2022

Moving Green (8 Tips for an Eco Friendly Move)

The process of relocating can have a significant environmental impact. People throw out unwanted items which end up in a landfill. Then, there is the waste from bubble wrap, packaging tape, cardboard boxes, and plastic bags. Transporting all your belongings uses fuel, contributing to carbon...

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6 Unpacking Tips After You Moved House

Moving is one of the most intense experiences without someone dying or being ill. Whether you are moving up the road or to a new country, the stuff still needs to be packed up and then unpacked. It can feel like a marathon, but nobody...

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Cost to Use a Removal Company (Updated in 2022)

Moving can sometimes be a headache, especially if you don't know the costs involved. Removal companies don't have a fixed rate that you can go by but offer quotes that are sometimes overwhelming. Let's break down what moving in the UK will cost you. On average,...

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2-Hour Minimum Charge (Detailed Explanation)

Whether you’re looking to hire a contractor to turn your house from drab to fab, bring in a Man with a Van to transport your goods, or need the skills of an interpreter to ensure nothing gets lost in translation, you’re likely to come across...

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Using Man and Van Services to Remove Rubbish

When you have items that need to be moved, a “man with a van” team is always ready to help! Of course, these teams are typically made up of one or two people and their van. These companies specialize in moving items for customers. However,...

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7 Steps to File Complaint Against a Moving Company

When you hire a moving company, you’re trusting the company with your valued possessions. Unfortunately, things can sometimes go wrong. When this happens, the logical next step is to file a complaint against the moving company. However, you might be unsure of how to proceed! Once...

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