Using Man and Van Services to Remove Rubbish

When you have items that need to be moved, a “man with a van” team is always ready to help! Of course, these teams are typically made up of one or two people and their van. These companies specialize in moving items for customers. However, many people are unsure whether these companies will remove rubbish for them.

Generally, “man with van” services offer rubbish removal services. However, this may vary between different companies, which is why you’ll need to inquire about the services offered. If you opt for a local service to remove your rubbish, you’ll need to ensure they have the relevant removal license.

In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know when using a “man with van” service to remove your rubbish. From deciding whether you need a “man with a van” or a removals service to making your booking, we’ll guide you through the whole process. Your rubbish will be gone in no time!

Man With Van Vs. Removals

You have rubbish that needs to be removed. Now, you’re wondering whether you should hire a “man with a van” company or opt for a removals service instead. While the services offered by these companies may overlap, there are key distinctions to consider when deciding which type of company is best suited to your needs.

Of course, both “man with a van” and removals services specialize in moving items. However, it’s important to consider what each type of company moves, as this is where the main distinction between them lies. Understanding these differences will allow you to choose the best service for your needs.


As the name suggests, a “man with a van” is typically one or two men and a van. This is a great, cost-efficient method for point-to-point transportation of various items. From small house removals to large item delivery services, there are many services offered by “man with a van” companies.

Typically, this includes waste collection services. However, it’s important to consider the type of rubbish you’re discarding. If it’s just general household junk you’re getting rid of, there may be local charity services that will collect your ‘junk’ for free.

A removals service, on the other hand, typically uses professional equipment and blankets when moving items. This type of service will be able to dismantle and reconstruct furniture, for example. With a “man with a van service,” this type of service isn’t guaranteed.


Of course, if you’re simply looking to get some rubbish removed, you won’t need a professional removals service. If you plan on booking a “man with a van” service to remove your waste, there are a few considerations you need to keep in mind!

Can You Use Man With Van To Remove Rubbish?

As we discussed above, many “man with van” services also offer rubbish removal services. We also mentioned that these “man with a van” teams typically consist of one or two individuals with a single van. There are also countless services like this across the globe.

Due to these factors, the services offered by these “man with van” services may often differ. The way different “man with a van” businesses operate may also differ. For instance, some of these services may require you to get your hands dirty, so to speak. This may entail the service requiring your help when loading the items that need to be removed.


However, there are also plenty of services that will guarantee that all labor is included when you hire their “man with a van” team. Some may even stipulate that they help remove rubbish from inside and outside your home. This brings us to another important point: the type of waste they remove. Many of these “man with van” organizations will specialize in removing a wide range of bulky rubbish.

This means they’ll move more than just general household junk. This will typically be specified. However, many of these companies will remove items like batteries, fluorescent tubes, clinical waste, gas canisters, old appliances, paint cans, tires, and more. To determine which services are offered and how they work, you’ll need to contact the company you want to use.

However, you might be wondering about the process of finding a “man and van” service to remove your rubbish – especially with the sheer number of options out there. After all, there are certain factors you need to keep in mind when finding the right service for your needs!

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Booking Man With Van To Remove Rubbish

As we mentioned earlier, there are many “man with van” services around the world. Of course, this means you’ll have no shortage of options when finding a company to remove your rubbish. When finding a company to use, you’ll need to verify the services they offer.

Many companies will stipulate this on their website or listing. You’ll also want to ensure whether labor is included with their services. To do this, you may need to contact the relevant company via telephone or email. If the company can accommodate your removal needs, you can proceed with your booking.


Of course, you’ll need to discuss the amount of rubbish that needs to be removed. This may determine the size of the vehicle you need or how many trips you’ll need to do. These factors will also impact the rates you pay.

There’s one final factor to keep in mind! In many countries, these “man with van” services are required to have a permit or license to carry and remove waste. When making your booking, you’ll need to ensure that the company has the appropriate accreditation to remove your rubbish!


There are many “man with van” services around the globe! One of their many specialties is the removal of waste. This means you’ll have plenty of cost-effective options when having waste removed. In this article, we provided you with a breakdown of everything you need to know when using one of these “man with a van” companies to remove your rubbish.

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