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Do you are you moving soon and are looking for a best man with a van service in the UK? Are you moving your office to another location and would like assistance with transportation? Or perhaps you’ve made an IKEA purchase that you’d like delivered to your home or office? If yes is your answer any of the above questions, you’re at the right place. Transport Executive has a convenient and affordable Man and Van solution for you!

Hiring the Right Man and Van Service

Considering how stressful it can get when moving or transporting a large item from point A to point B, we know how important it is for you to get the right mover. For one, you want to have the peace of mind that your property will be safe and secure. We also understand how challenging it can be when you have many items that you need to transport but you don’t have enough room in your van or truck. But you don’t have to worry about this because you’re already in the right hands. Transport Executive’s man and van services provide you with a range of van options from which you can pick the one that best suits both your load and your budget.

How to Get a Man with a Van Quote

Getting a man and a van quote is a breeze. You have a couple of options to get a free man van hire quote. You can use our online quote tool, call us, email us, or request your quote through our chat service.

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Use Our Online Quote Tool

This one is the best way to get a removal quote to and from various areas across the UK. You only need to click on our “Free Quote” link, which will take you to a new page where you only need to enter a few details on the items you need to move, where from and to where, as well as when you need to move them. You also have the option of indicating how many people you’d like to assist you as well as the vehicle size you think will be appropriate for you. in other words, all we need from you is your preferable moving date, location, and size information is all you need to get your online man with a van quote.

Call Us

It is not uncommon for people to face challenges when determining the right van size for them when moving. Most of them also find it difficult to determine the amount of manpower needed for a smooth experience when moving. Calling can be a great way to get help and advice for these and other issues that you may find challenging. It also happens to be one of the easiest ways to get a moving quote and book a man and van to make your moving experience a breeze. Our friendly customer support team is always waiting to hear from you on the other end of the phone line.

Simply call us + (44) 0203 034 0221 to get your free, no obligation quote or more information on our moving services today.


You can also send us a quick email with your details and let us contact you at your preferred time in case you’re in a hurry.

Lets Chat

We also have a 24/7 chat service that you can use to get a quote or ask for more information about us, our man and van services or in case you need professional advice when moving.

Additionally, packing can be a nightmare, not forgetting how challenging it can get when you don’t have the workforce or helpers to help you load your property into the transportation vehicle. Our man and van hire services are dedicated to eliminating this problem for you. Not unless you prefer so, you don’t have to go through the frustration of looking for people to help you pack, load, and unload your property when moving. We provide you with highly trained helpers who come with highly specialized tools and equipment to make your moving process easier, quicker, and less frustrating. When moving also, it is very easy for fragile items and sensitive property to get damaged, especially when packing is done right. At Transport executive, we use highly qualified drivers as well as helpers who are committed to seeing to it that your property reaches your new or intended destination without any damage whatsoever. We also have a solid compensation policy that covers you in the very rare cases of damage due or loss from unavoidable circumstances (Ts&Cs apply).

Hiring the right man with van also means choosing a service that knows your target destination well for your convenience and smooth moving. Transport Executive UK goes the extra mile to ensure that every man in a van customer is as satisfied as they can get, which is one of the reasons you can expect nothing short of excellent, impeccable UK moving services. It is also quite easy and affordable to book a van with Transport Executive UK, making us the best alternative to hiring a cheap man with a van service or going DIY. You won’t regret hiring the right man and van service.

With all things moving, we’re here to help.

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What Can We Move?

Through our professional man with van services, we serve both residential and commercial clients. Whether it’s a simple piece of furniture that you want to move from point A to point B or you’re relocating to a new area within the UK, we’re proud not just assist; but ensure that you’re satisfied. Our services range from house removals to the delivery of furniture and other large items, electronics, cars, motorcycles, pianos, and even purchases from IKEA. Simply put, we can help you move just about anything tangible and is large enough to require hiring a van. Our professional moving employees are highly trained and experience to provide customized moving services for each of our man in a van customer at one of the most affordable rates on the industry across the UK and other parts of Europe. So are you relocating soon and need assistance moving your stuff? Or have you just rented a new office space and need your office property moved to the new location? Maybe you’ve just purchased some new furniture or heavy equipment and you need it delivered to your home or office. Whatever your moving needs are, you’re at the right place to find a professional, experienced, and well-equipped man with a van hire. Transport executive will help you with moving living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, garden, and office items as well as boxes and other property.

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Office Removals

IKEA Deliveries

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About Transport Executive

Life takes us to different places over the course of our lives. Jobs, business, relationships, and adventure are just but a few of the many factors that may force or make you want to relocate. And more often than not, you have possessions that you’re deeply attached to. For most of us, those possessions follow us everywhere we go. But considering how home and possessions accumulate over time, moving doesn’t always come easy. This is where the Transport Executive’s man and van services come in.

It is through understanding how challenging moving can get, that Transport Executive was born a few years back. Having been in business for many years now, Transport Executive is your number one man and van choice within London, the UK, and many other destinations across Europe. This is why we’re always a phone call away to make your moving easier for you. Whether you want a single piece of furniture such as your couch or you’re relocating with all your stuff, you’re at the right place.

Transport Executive is committed to professionalism and excellence. Our van drivers and helpers are highly decorated, qualified, experienced, and CRB-checked. On top of this, our moving services are insured, protecting you from any liability during the process and ensuring you that your goods are safe and secure.

In addition to impeccable customer service, our services are among the most competitive in the industry. Booking a man with a van and getting a free quote for van and man hire is as easy as 123. Whether it’s home removal, office removal, student removal, boxes, or furniture and household items from IKEA, we can move it all to your preferred destination at your time of choosing. These are some of the things that separate our man and van hire services from the rest in the industry.

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Transport executive is always waiting to hear from you. Don’t hesitate; call us anytime on + (44) 0203 034 0221 for any of your inquiries or to get more information about our services.