How To Cancel Council Tax When Moving House Featured

How To Cancel Council Tax When Moving House

Moving home is a stressful enough experience just from the logistics. Your to-do list is endless, and one must-do action item is to contact your local council.Unless you have some sort of council tax exemption, you will have to make sure that you’re paying the...

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Why should you move to surrey

Why you should move to Surrey!

Whether you live in or out of England, there are definitely more than just a few reasons Surrey would be a wonderful place to consider when moving. Simply put, this southeastern England County that lies southeast of the English capital, London, is no doubt a...

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5 Awesome Ikea Products For 2018

IKEA is group of companies joined together. It designs then sells already made furniture like beds, chairs and desks, home accessories and kitchen apparatus. The furniture is usually self-assembled. IKEA gives its products catalogue every year. In this article, we shall discuss five of the...

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Moving Abroad Checklist

Moving abroad is a big job. There are some many things that you need to take into consideration when you are moving to another country and in some cases another continent. A moving abroad checklist can help you stay organised and make sure that all the...

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