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Whether you’ve just enrolled in a new university or college, nothing can be more stressful than moving. As a matter of fact, it kind of even gets more challenging as you advance your studies. Moving with your stuff into or out of the student halls, private accommodation, or home is a common cause of worry to most students, especially as the semester is about to begin or end. But not when you have help from an affordable, experienced student mover!

An expert mover spares you from the frustration associated with moving. When moving to or from school in or out of London, the UK, or any other part across Europe, Transport Executive is always here to make your student move as smooth and convenient as possible.

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In addition to being stressful, moving can be quite costly for any student. This is irrespective of what university or college you’re studying in, or how much stuff you need to carry. And to be honest, sometimes you’re so caught up in school work that you don’t have enough time to plan for moving out.

The same case may apply when you’re at home, especially when on your semester break or annual vacation and you have to clear with your employment/attachment office or work at pending home. In such cases, you need a moving service that you can trust and rely on to move your stuff from school to home or the other way around. If this is anything like you, contact us and let Transport Executive do what we do best.


Quick Response

We won’t mind if you call us just a few hours or minutes before you need to move. All we care about is ensuring that your moving process becomes as smooth as possible and that you and your stuff get to your target destination as fast as possible without compromising on safety.

Dependable Moving Team

Additionally, packing can be mentally and physically draining. At Transport Executive, we send our best guys to you, including drivers and helpers that will not only help you move your things but also assist with packaging and cleaning up any messes that may be left behind.

Affordable Movers

We’re also a reliable student moving service UK Company that understands how life can be financially challenging for students. Our student removals are, for this and more reasons, highly cost-competitive and can easily be customized to suit your budget.

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Safety Is Our Priority

As if that’s all, we take huge precaution in the drivers, helpers, and any other person that we hire. Each one of them is carefully vetted for professionalism and experience, CRB-checked, and their performance monitored over time. In addition to this, we provide you with up to £50,000-worth fires and theft basic compensation cover as per our T&Cs. In other words, safety is a top-priority at Transport Executive.

Flexible & Convenient

You need the smallest van there is? No problem; we are a flexible student remover you can rely on. Whatever your specific needs are, we’re always ready to make your student move as convenient as possible. Additionally, our moving professionals are highly trained and experienced enough to navigate through the tiniest forms of student accommodation with your items, large or heavy, treasures, and baggage.

Our end goal is to leave you happy and satisfied, ask any of our previous clients and they’ll attest to it!

How Does It Work? Get A Quote!

It can be stressful when exams are around the corner, or you have a dissertation deadline to meet. But there’s one thing we know better than most other student movers out there; that moving can be even more stressful! At Transport Executive, all you need to provide for an instant quote is your specific requirements and leave the rest to us. You only need to tell us what you need to be transported; from where, to where, and when you need it done. It’s that simple! From there, you’ll get your free instant quote and wait for you to give us the green light at your preferred time.

Regardless of where you are within London, the UK, or Europe, you can rest assured we have a student moving van at your vicinity. And you needn’t do the packing by yourself. Our student moving coordinator will assign a crew the best suits your needs, which may include a driver along with a helper or two depending on your specific needs. Whether you’re moving your student luggage to uni or you are heading home at the end of the semester, you just need to call, email, chat with us or get your instant quote online. Getting an instant quote for student removals London will take you nothing more than a few seconds to a minute, making it convenient for you even in the most untimely moments. Below are some ways you can get a free student moving van quote:

  • Get an online quote
  • Call us at +44 20 3318 4720
  • Email us
  • Chat with us

You can also use our Contact page to request for your free quote or request for more information about our student moving services UK services, the areas we cover and other particulars.

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Areas We Cover

Transport Executive is headquartered in London, England, the UK. Needless to mention, we are a top-ranking student removals London company. This means that whichever place to need to move to or from within London, England, and the greater UK area, we’ve got you covered. Our student removals services also extend to the various parts of the entire Europe continent.

Transport Executive committed to making it easy for students to feel at ease when moving to and from their study destinations within the UK and across Europe. What’s more our student moving services are priced at the most affordable rates not only in London but on the entire continent.

Over the years, we’ve managed to build a solid reputation; our track record speaks for itself. We not only move you to or/and from the areas we cover, we ensure that you’re happy enough to spread the word about it.

Need to move your student luggage to uni or perhaps transport it back home after the long tiresome semester? We’re always here to help. We help you pack, lift, transport, assemble, and disassemble. Most of the times, you just have to watch the entire smooth process smiling if you have to.

Don’t hesitate! Reach out to us today to get an instant quote on from one of the best, affordable, high-ranking student moving services UK provider today!