Boxes For Moving And Storage (Know The Difference)

I’m a minimalist and ruthless when it comes to decluttering. However, there is one thing that I shamelessly hoard, and that is boxes. I love a good box! I cannot bring myself to part with a box because sometime in the future, it may be the perfect container to store something. I have found that boxes are not created equally.

You will need sturdy cardboard boxes in various sizes if you are moving house. You must be able to seal these boxes completely so that they can be stacked in a moving truck. Storage boxes come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. The type of storage box you need depends on what it will be used for.

There are different things to look for when choosing boxes for moving and boxes for storing items. Read on to find out more.

What Is The Difference Between Moving Boxes And Storage Boxes?

Moving boxes will hold your belongings temporarily. While they need to be solid and sturdy to protect your possessions in transit, they are generally not made to last. On the other hand, storage boxes are long-lasting as they help organize your items and keep them safe.

Features Of Moving Boxes

Moving boxes need to be solid enough to protect your possessions and strong and robust when handled. From being dragged from one place to the next, downstairs, around corners, lifted up into a truck, stacked one on top of the other. Moving boxes take quite a beating.

  • Corrugated cardboard boxes are sturdy and heavyweight, making them the best boxes for moving.
  • The thicker the cardboard, the better.
  • Unlike storage boxes, the typical moving box does not have a lid. Instead, it has flaps that can be sealed closed with tape.

Features Of Storage Boxes

Unlike moving boxes, storage boxes need to have more longevity. The size and material of storage boxes vary depending on what is stored inside and where the boxes will be stored.

  • The aesthetic appeal of storage boxes depends on what they will be used for and where they will be kept. Plastic crate-like storage boxes that come with a clip-on are practical and would be great to store in the garage or basement. For storage boxes that will be seen, you will want to choose something more stylish, and that matches the look of your home or office.
  • Cardboard storage boxes are great to have on hand as they are collapsible and can be used over and over again. They come with secure-fitting lids, offering your belongings extra protection. They also allow for stacking one on top of the other.
  • Fabric-covered storage boxes are an excellent choice for home storage. They come in many different colours and prints and are made from either polypropylene fabric or polyester canvas.

Tips For Choosing Moving Boxes

Whether you are packing up your studio apartment or your 3-bedroom house, moving homes is very stressful – there is so much to do! Getting enough moving boxes to avoid running out at the last minute is a top priority.

Before going out and buying a lot of boxes, take some time to take stock of what you will need to be packing into boxes.

Knowing what you need to pack will give you an indication of the different sizes of boxes you will need to get and how many of each size.

Depending on when you get the keys to your new place, you may decide to take a few boxes over yourself before the movers take the bulk of your things. Things you may want to move, include fragile or high-value items. Very large boxes may not fit in the boot or back seat of your car. Therefore, get enough small to medium-sized boxes.

Bulkier items like bedding, cushions, and clothing will need to go into larger boxes.

For heavier items like books, crockery, and cutlery, choose small boxes as filling a large box will make them too heavy to carry.

The bulk of your boxes will probably need to be medium-sized and will be used to pack a range of household goods, toys, exercise gear, and so on.

The thicker the cardboard of the box, the more expensive the box will be. Not all items need to be packed in very thick cardboard boxes.

When choosing boxes, ensure that they are sturdy enough to protect the contents packed into them and solid enough to be stacked one on top of each other.

Tips For Choosing Storage Boxes

Consider the temperature; icy conditions can cause plastic boxes to turn brittle. The shape of plastic boxes could distort in sweltering weather. If your boxes will be stored outside or in a shed, ensure that you choose storage boxes that will not be damaged when exposed to extreme temperatures. Damages to storage boxes may lead to the contents of the boxes being destroyed as well.

Clear plastic boxes may seem a great choice because you can see exactly what is inside, so when you want to retrieve an item, it will be easy to find.

However, certain items like photographs, paper, vinyl, magazine collections, and even clothing can be discoloured when exposed to sunlight over prolonged periods. When these items are stored in clear plastic boxes, they are not protected from UV rays. So, if your storage boxes will be stored in a place that gets sunlight, rather choose boxes in a solid colour to protect your belongings.

If you want to store items like towels, extra linen, seasonal clothing, or books in your home, fabric-covered boxes would be a good choice. These boxes can be stacked one on top of the other since they come with lids. They can also be placed on shelves.


When choosing moving boxes, it is essential to select a range of different sizes. Boxes for moving need to be sturdy enough to protect your belongings and strong enough to withstand being handled.

Storage boxes are available in all sorts of sizes and materials. When choosing boxes for storage, consider where these boxes will be stored and what will be stored in them so that they look good in your space and protect your possessions.

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