8 Things to Consider When Tipping Your Movers

When it comes to whether one should tip the movers, it can be quite a grey area considering you have already paid for the service. While you may have given the movers a few refreshments to relay gratitude and boost their energy levels, tipping certainly is appreciated.

There is no obligation on you to tip the movers. If you feel the movers have delivered exceptional service, worked in unpleasant weather conditions, carried oversized objects upstairs and downstairs, packed items, and worked for long hours, then you can tip the movers for their great service.

Let’s explore potential reasons why you should tip the movers and reasons why you might be hesitant to do so.

Considerations When Deciding Whether You Should Tip Movers

Here are some factors to take into account when deciding whether or not you should tip the movers.

1. Tipping The Movers If You Were Organized Before They Arrived

Every mover’s dream is to arrive at a house where the person moving has packaged their boxes securely and simply needs to have all their belongings loaded into the van.

If you managed to pack all your belongings in secure boxes, labelling them clearly, with the items simply needing to be loaded into the truck and transported to your new location, then it might not be necessary to tip the movers as you have made their job a breeze.

However, if the movers arrived and found your home in a chaotic state, with certain items still unboxed and boxes not secured, with not a single label on sight, then you may want to consider tipping the movers.

Tipping the movers in such an instance indicates that you are aware that you required extra time, effort, and coordination from them and appreciate their hard work.

2. Tipping The Movers If They Packed Your Items For You

If you opted to pay for the packing service included in the moving service, and you found that your belongings were packed in a neat, secure manner, then you may feel the need to show your gratitude by tipping the movers.

Importantly, in the event that the moving company you used had packers that were different people to the ones actually moving your belongings, it is valuable to ensure you tip the packers specifically, and not just the movers.

3. Tipping The Movers If They Arrived On Time

If the movers arrived late, then it is understandable if you do not tip them as their late coming can be perceived as incompetence if they did not have a valid reason for the delay.

However, if the movers arrived on time or early and managed to move your belongings in the expected time or quicker, it would be nice for them to be tipped for the efficient service they delivered.

4. Tipping The Movers If The Weather Conditions Were Unpleasant

As if moving alone isn’t an unpleasant experience, having to move in extremely hot conditions with sweat dripping down your face as you carry heavy items is hardly ideal.

Similarly, carrying heavy, fragile items in slippery rainy conditions can be quite an ordeal.

If your movers had to assist you with your move during unpleasant weather conditions, it might be empathetic of you to show your gratitude for their diligence and perseverance by giving them a tip.

5. Tipping The Movers If They Moved Items Up and Down Stairs

Carrying boxes around is one thing, but carrying fragile or large items up and down stairs can be particularly challenging and daunting for movers.

Stairs are confined spaces that require movers to take every step with precision while exerting extra effort due to the inclination of stairs.

If your movers had to make numerous trips upstairs and downstairs, then you may want to consider giving them a tip, especially if they had to carry large, heavy objects.

6. Tipping The Movers Based On Their Attitude During The Move

Moving is a stressful experience, but having friendly, upbeat movers sure makes things a lot more pleasant.

If your movers were eager to help, had positive attitudes, were respectful, and created a sense of trust, then you may want to consider tipping them, given that they made moving a pleasant experience for you.

While it is natural to get exhausted while moving, if your movers were groggy, complained, and made it clear that they were not having a good time, their attitude may dissuade you from tipping them.

7. Tipping The Movers Based On The Hours Spent Moving

When you paid for the moving service, you likely paid based on the time that the move would take.

If the move takes longer than expected due to incompetence on the part of the movers, such as them moving slowly or them bringing a vehicle that was too small to conduct the move, then you are not obligated to offer a tip.

However, if the movers ended up putting in more hours than expected or did not get sufficient time to rest while conducting the move, a tip is likely to be deeply appreciated. It won’t be too bad to help a little bit to the mover’s earnings.

8. Tipping The Movers Based On The Number Of Large Items Moved

If your movers had to carry a few boxes, then that naturally falls within the scope of their job and does not particularly deem earning a tip.

However, if your movers had to move large items, then you may want to give them a tip for the extra effort they exerted. Large items include sofas, desks, dining tables, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, pianos, beds, stoves, and dishwashers.

If your movers had to carry your queen size bed down a flight of stairs, you might want to consider taking out your wallet and handing them a few dollars.


While you are not obliged to tip the movers, it is courteous to tip the movers if they arrived on time, packed your belongings for you, worked in unpleasant weather conditions, carried items upstairs and downstairs, moved large items, delivered friendly service, and spent a large part of the day helping you move.

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