7 Things That You Need To Start A Moving Company

If you plan on starting a moving company, it is imperative that you have all the right equipment and resources at your disposal to ensure you deliver a reliable moving service.

There are various things that you will need to start a moving company. To start a moving company, you must purchase a van, a trailer, a medium-sized vehicle that can tow the trailer, hand trucks, gloves, boxes, tape, cables, cable ties, and insurance.

Let’s explore all the things you will need to start a moving company and look at why these things are so relevant in ensuring you run an efficient, equitable, reliable moving company.

Essential Things Needed To Start A Moving Company

Here are the essential things you will need to start a moving company and all the reasons why they are imperative to running a profitable moving company.

1. Vehicles Are A Necessity When Starting A Moving Company

Naturally, when you start a moving company, you will need to have a van. It is always wise to start small to limit the costs you incur when starting your moving company.

You may be tempted to buy more than one van from the get-go. However, it may be wise to rather purchase one van, one trailer, and a medium-sized vehicle that is light on fuel but still suitable for transporting goods in small quantities.

If you follow this approach, you can use the van for big trips and use the trailer in the instance where the customer has additional things they would like to transport, but the goods will not require a second trip with the van.

Finally, you can use the medium-sized vehicle to make shorter trips where only a few items need to be transported.

When choosing a medium-sized vehicle, ensure that you are purchasing a vehicle that is suitable to use in conjunction with the trailer so that you have the option of using the vehicle with the trailer for trips that require a lot of space, but not to the extent where the van is needed.

2. Hand Trucks Are Useful When Starting A Moving Company

Hand trucks, which are often referred to as hand trolleys or sack trucks, are essential items to purchase if you want to make your life as a mover a lot easier and also cause a lot less strain to your lower back.

Hand trucks will enable you to transport heavy items from the truck into the person’s home without having to carry them.

These sturdy trolleys allow you to gently glide your client’s belongings into their house rather than carry each box individually while making multiple trips.

3. Gloves Are Handy When Starting A Moving Company

In the moving business, you are bound to come into contact with various items that may cause the skin on your hands to harden or peel.

To protect your hands, it is advisable that you purchase gloves that will ensure you have a tight grip while protecting your hands from harsh surfaces.

4. Boxes Are Crucial Items For Starting A Moving Company

When offering a moving service, your clients will want you to make their lives as easy as possible. By offering boxes, you are saving them the trouble of having to go out and find boxes to suit their needs.

Consider offering boxes of various shapes and sizes to meet homeowner’s various valuable items. Boxes that are a suitable size for a television or a bicycle will be of great use to your clients.

Having a few boxes on hand with you when you come to collect the customer’s belongings will be particularly beneficial as it is likely that your client may have run out of boxes or had a box break while packing and will need an extra box or two to pack their last few things in.

5. It Is Necessary To Have Tape To Start A Moving Company

As a mover, it is likely that you’ll run into clients who are not very good at packing.

To prevent any of their boxes from falling open while in transit, it is wise for you to have tape on hand to strap up any boxes that look like they need some extra support.

Voluntarily taping your customer’s boxes using your own tape may come at a private expense, so it is best to include it in your price, as customers may be hesitant to pay extra for you to tape their boxes as they see it as a task they can do themselves.

In the grand scheme of things, taping your customer’s unstable boxes will prevent damage to their goods, which is the last thing you want as this will reflect poorly on your moving company and may damage your company’s reputation.

6. Cables Are Essential If You Are Starting A Moving Company

Unfortunately, moving is not as simple as the movies make it look. The boxes are not all the same size, and everything does not magically fit perfectly into one van.

To ensure that everything is steady in transit, you will need to use cables and cable ties to ensure that the goods stay in place. Failure to secure the goods may cause them to shift, which is likely to cause things to break.

When it comes to purchasing cables, they are a preventative measure that will benefit your moving company in the long run.

7. You Will Need Insurance To Start A Moving Company

Although insurance is not something tangible that you will need to start a moving company, it is certainly the most important aspect of the things you will need to start a moving company.

Insurance is important because it ensures that all the equipment you will be using in your moving company will be protected in the event of damage, theft, or wear and tear.

Additionally, insurance will protect your company in the event that one of your client’s possessions is damaged, destroyed, lost, or stolen.

When it comes to moving, it is almost inevitable that something will get lost along the way, and something is bound to drop every now and then. Insurance ensures that you and your employees will be protected in any possible event.


Starting a moving company can be an expensive endeavour. When starting a moving company, you will need a van, a trailer, a medium-sized vehicle that can tow the trailer, hand trucks, gloves, boxes, tape, cables, cable ties, and insurance to start a moving company.

While all these things may cost a lot initially, the profit made will surely outweigh the costs incurred.

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