February 2020


How Long Does It Take To Buy A House?

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or downsizing in preparation for retirement years, this is one of the questions that pretty much all home buyers have. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all estimate, as there are quite a few things that could slow things down...

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Tips for moving house featured image

A Complete Moving House Guide

Moving house can be one of the most stressful experiences people go through. So much can and regularly does go wrong, and I doubt you’ve ever heard someone say they enjoyed the moving process. But moving to a new home can be made a lot less...

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Moving House Checklist Featured Image

Moving House Checklist

When you’re moving into a new home, then having a detailed plan for the entire process is going to save you a load of headaches, stress, and anxiety. But the planning itself is something many people underestimate. Through our experience with helping thousands of people move...

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Change of address featured image

Change Of Address Checklist

One thing too many people completely underestimate when moving house is how many different companies and organisations they’ll need to contact. Unless you’ve gone through this before, you could find yourself in a moment of panic on the day of the move. If you want to avoid...

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10 Best Places To Live In Bristol

During most of the 80s and 90s, a lot of migration within the UK was to London and cities in the north, like Leeds and Manchester. But the recent 10 to 15 years have seen a significant increase in people who want to work and live in...

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Cheapest Places To Rent In London Featured Image

The 10 Cheapest Places To Rent or Live In London

Rent in London has been a hot topic for many years, and despite property crashes, people are still facing prices beyond their affordability. In many boroughs, data suggests that rents have risen so much that young families have all but disappeared. However, there are a few...

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