8 Essential Packing Materials for Every House Move

Moving is among the most engaging activities that require your time, energy, and resources. Regardless of your desired destination, you’ll need to pack your items and unpack them later.

Planning before the move can help you settle fast and enjoy life better in your new home. Part of the planning process involves ensuring you have the right packing materials.

Otherwise, your moving process could go wrong without the right packing supplies to keep your items secured.

Here, we provide the essential packing materials for every house move.

1. Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are among the essential packing materials you should have when planning to move. You can visit various places to buy your cardboard boxes, including:

  • Grocery stores
  • Liquor stores
  • Office supply stores  

It’d help to buy different sizes of cardboard boxes. That way, you can pack everything you own, from small pieces of jewelry to large furniture pieces.

Sometimes, you may have belongings that wouldn’t be safe when packed in cardboard boxes. If so, consider buying plastic bins and crates. You can also look for specialty boxes designed for packing materials when moving.

2. Packing Tapes

different kinds of tapeAfter buying your cardboard boxes, ensure you get as many packing tapes as possible. These tapes will help seal up your cardboard boxes after packing your stuff.

Like your cardboard boxes, you can purchase your packing tapes from various stores. Make sure you buy high-quality packing tape. You don’t want the tapes to become undone while moving your household items.

It would be best to buy masking or paper packing tapes – this will help to keep the labels on your cardboard boxes dirt-free. Besides, you can buy duct tape for tasks like repairing your cardboard boxes or holding your pieces of furniture together.

3. Packing Papers

Sometimes, you can decide to use old newspapers to wrap some of your items. Nevertheless, you’ll need to find packing papers for any fragile belongings.

You can visit various stores to buy your packing papers or order online. It’d be best to walk or drive to a physical store. That way, you can check the quality of the packing papers you want.

You may also have other fragile or sensitive items like pieces of art or paintings. So, you’ll need to look for specific types of packing papers that will serve the purpose of protecting your possessions.

4. Scissors

scissorsA good pair of scissors is a must-have as part of the essential packing materials for every house move. You must ensure that your pair of scissors are sharp and in great condition – this will help you to cut through the packing materials easily.

Alternatively, you can look for box cutters. Your box cutters will help you to quickly open the cardboard boxes that are sealed tightly with packing tape.

5. Permanent Marker

It’s advisable to mark every packing box with the content you put inside – this is even more important when you have many cardboard boxes of the same size.

Doing so will help you keep track of your packed items. Also, you’ll have an easy time unpacking your belongings after arriving at your destination. Ensure you have your permanent marker at each stage of your moving process.

6. Bubble Wrap

bubble wrapA bubble wrap can help you wrap the fragile stuff when thinking of moving. Usually, you can get your bubble wraps from a packing and shipping store or online.

You can use bubble wrap for different household items. These include dishes, glasses, and other fragile kitchenware. Also, you can use bubble wrap for large furniture pieces. But bubble wraps are essentially used for breakable belongings that are more vulnerable to damage while you’re moving.

7. Moving Blankets and Furniture Sliders

These items will serve a duo purpose during your moving process. First, you’ll protect your floor from scratches while dragging your pieces of furniture. Also, you keep your furniture from getting damaged.

So, furniture sliders and moving blankets are necessary for every house move. You can visit a hardware store near you to buy these packing materials.

8. Mattress Cover

You don’t want your mattress to get spoilt during your moving process. So, you’ll need to look for a mattress cover in most stores selling moving materials and supplies.

The cover protects your mattress from dirt or unwanted stains as you move.

Why You Need Good Quality Packing Materials for Every House Move

You must have the essential packing materials when planning to move houses. Even so, it’s critical to buy packing supplies of high quality. Here’s why:

1. Saves You Money

Good quality packing supplies will ensure your belongings don’t tear or break, no matter how fragile. So, you’ll not need to replace the damaged items after settling in your new house. That way, you save money that can be used on other needs.

2. Easier Moving Process

High-quality packing materials will hardly break or tear. So, you experience an easier packing and unpacking process even after you get to your new home.

3. Keep Your Items Safe

The safety of your belongings is crucial during the moving process. Quality packing supplies make your possessions better protected against any breakages or damages. So, investing in good quality packing materials will give you peace of mind as you move.

Are You Moving With a Man and Van or Removal Company?

You can choose to hire a man and van or a removal company for the moving process. So, you may need to pay whoever you choose extra for high-quality packing materials and packing services.

This saves you the stress of the packing process. Besides, you’re hiring professionals. So, you’re almost guaranteed that your belongings are packed safely for transit.

If you are looking to hire a man and van for your moving process. Check these links below:

Bottom Line

The moving process can be daunting and stressful. Having the essential packing materials for every house move will make the process much bearable.

It’d help to buy and collect your packing materials in advance. Doing so will make your moving process safer, easier, and faster.

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