Moving a King Size Mattress (And Other Challenges)

When you’ve spent years trying to find the perfect mattress, and you do, you do not want to let it out of your sight. That baby is coming with you come hell or high water and may even cross oceans with you. However, it is always surprising just how heavy mattresses are, given that they feel so soft and cloud-like when you’re lying on them. In reality, trying to move one on your own, especially a king-size mattress, can feel virtually impossible!

Moving a king-size mattress can be a monumental task, but getting someone else involved and tricks like folding it can make a critical difference in the ease with which it can be moved. Folding and tying the mattress will reduce the bulk, and the ropes will act as handles to make moving it easier.

Whether you’re worried about a mattress getting stuck in a stairway or using the steps as a ski slope, there are tips and tricks that can make getting them into and out of small or tight spaces a much more manageable and less daunting task.

How To Move A King-Size Mattress

First things first, you need to have a plan when it comes to moving a king-size mattress. Simply getting it off the frame and pushing it through the nearest doorway is likely to end in stress and possible injury! Not only is it a logistical challenge given the size of the object you’re trying to move, but it is also a physical one, given how heavy the mattresses can be.

1. Recruiting Help

Depending on where you’re trying to move the mattress, you may or may not need help. Ideally, it is not a one-person job, unless you’re The Hulk or just trying to move the mattress room to room on the same floor. Getting it up and down stairs or in and out of buildings is a multiple-person job, ideally one on each end!

2. Practicality

Moving the mattress can happen in many ways, with or without help. If you have the space and are doing it alone, then putting it on your back like a tortoise carrying its shell is the easiest way if it needs lifting and you have no equipment. Pushing it along flat surfaces, pulling it around corners, and using rope to stabilize it on furniture or windows work well otherwise.

If you do have the equipment, then securing the mattress to a dolly is an easy way to move it outside or along uneven surfaces where there is too much friction to push it. If you are able to fold the mattress into thirds, or even in half, and then secure it with a rope, then that makes it a lot more manageable to move through tight spaces, too, without needing to stabilize it.

Moving a mattress downstairs is usually most easily done by sliding it down or flipping it over the bannister, if that’s possible. When moving between two apartments, a pickup truck or moving van are the easiest options. Trying to stuff one into the trunk of your Prius is not likely to end well and will involve far more sweat than it’s worth.

Other Challenges Of Moving

Mattresses are not the only challenging part of moving. Getting them up and down the stairs, knocking things over, and putting some back work into it is great, but then you realize you still have the fish tank and the mirror and the humongous TV you host home cinema evenings on. How do you manage these challenging tasks?

Moving requires careful planning ahead, as much as you want to put this off and leave everything until the last minute. Don’t move the fish tank or aquarium full – temporarily relocate the animals and plants to something smaller that is easier for transport, and move the large tank empty.

When it comes to TVs, mirrors, or other large, awkward-shaped items, there are ways to make your life easier. As with a mattress, planning a route, clearing a path, and making it obstruction-free is essential. Knowing where it will go in the moving vehicle is also key. Use protective wrapping and try to carry the items the right way up as far as possible. Know that they got in and will be able to get out again!

Tips And Tricks For Moving A King Size Mattress

  • Something to remember: If it got in, it can get out again – you just need to figure out how.
  • Move it with a dolly, strap, or rope.
  • Push one corner at a time until the mattress is vertical, and use your hand to stabilize it above your head.
  • Clear a path in advance.
  • Put the mattress into a mattress bag.
  • Tie it with a rope that will double as handles.

Is Your Bed Worth Moving?

Whether you actually take your bed with you in the first place to your new residence is an important decision to make. There are a number of factors to be considered, the first of which is overall condition. If you have slept on the bed for years, while it may be tempting to bring with you, it might also be time to face the facts and just replace your mattress.

The distance that you are planning to move as well is key. It determines the costs that will go into moving the mattress, and so how worthwhile that endeavour is, financially and practically, is something to consider.

The size and the cost of the mattress are also important. If the king-size mattress is not extra length or specifically designed for you and is an off-the-shelf, easily replaceable mattress, it might just be worth getting a new one. When you consider all these factors simultaneously, it will probably be easier to make the final call!


Moving a king-sized mattress definitely does not come without challenges, particularly if you don’t have help or are trying to negotiate a small space. However, there is equipment, and you’ll find techniques that can ease this process to make it more manageable. Having help and a plan are your best resources in this situation, so start there.

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