Things to Know When Using Man and Van on Big House Move

Acquiring the house of your dreams is one of the biggest goals for any family. As a person or family grows up under the same roof for many years, it becomes the place of eating, playing, relaxing, and sleeping. The place one calls home.

As a family evolves and grows together, so do their belongings. It is common for many families to outgrow their homes as children do with clothing. And when that time comes, it is time to plan the big move, take the proper steps, and know your costs.

Many factors come into play when a family considers moving houses. Everything from job relocation to retirement, no move is easy. A family must decide when and how to proceed, hire a moving service, or do it themselves.

Let’s face it, anyone can move houses, but why do it when there are quality alternatives? Hiring a moving company isn’t necessary, but the truth is that they will do all the dirty work, keeping the weight off your shoulders.

By the end of this article, you will be able to decipher whether a man and van will be useful for your big house move.

Using a Man and Van Moving Service

man and van moving a cabinetA man and van moving service make the client’s move less stressful. Like any house moving service, man and van are beneficial for many reasons.

1. Affordable and Flexible

Flexibility is one of their strongest qualities. They know that not everything goes to plan sometimes, and being flexible makes life easier. Their service will make your next move a breeze. At the same time, they aim to keep costs low and provide a higher quality service at a much more affordable price.

2. Safe and Reliable

Professional movers cut time and planning as they have experience moving heavy and fragile objects. Without professionals, you could spend too much time figuring out the most practical manoeuvres for your move. The good news is with a man and van, their experience isn’t limited, and they are adaptive to transport your belongings.

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What To Expect About Hiring a Man and Van?

The costs associated with moving houses keep most families away from hiring a moving company. Generally, the bigger the house, the more expensive the move.

Traditional moving companies target higher prices to pay the number of employees deployed to the job, which can lead to unexpected costs. With a man and van, fees are transparent and affordable to make your big move happen.

1. Choose the Right Company Based on Location

Moving companies serve all across The United Kingdom. Choose the right company based on your location and where you are moving. It is best to find the right man and van company specialising in heavier objects and larger houses. It is vital to avoid any problems that could occur along the way.

2. Give a Time Frame When You Request a Quote

The company must know your time frame to avoid scheduling conflicts and keep things on schedule. Requesting a quote will provide the right information to understand how a man and van can serve your big move.

3. Stay in Contact and Insure All Belongings Beforehand

The companies recommend insuring all your belongings beforehand to ensure all furniture from damage if anything goes wrong during the process of moving. When moving from a big house, many hiccups can occur along the way, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Moreover, keep in contact with your driver before and during the entire transportation process.

How Do a Man and Van Calculate the Moving Costs?

moving cost piggy bankThe cost of a moving service can vary depending on the size of your house, the number of belongings you have, and the entire time duration of the move. Generally, you can expect an average cost of between £400 and £1,800.

A man and van can provide you with how it works in three easy steps:

1. Tell the Company About Your Move

Using the form on the website, you can provide the company with information about your move from a big house. The online form will ask you for all information, saving you time from doing excessive research.

2. Compare Results

The service will pick three or four company locations to provide a free comparison. The best part is that there is no obligation to proceed. If you don’t like or feel comfortable with the suggested services, you do not need to commit to anything.

3. Save the Results

Each company will contact you to discuss all requirements to make your move possible. They will provide you with a free quote hassle-free.

Does a Man and Van Offer a Moving Quote?

Moving companies always recommend a moving quote to ensure their clients have transparency. Quotes show the clients their options for moving from a big house.

Tips To Lower the Cost of a Man and Van

house above calculatorYou should be aware of the many factors that can make your move cheaper and more efficient.

1. Get an At-Home Appraisal

If you want to find the best price for moving from a big house, ask the moving company for an at-home appraisal. Doing so will prevent the company from adding on unnecessary costs of the unknown.

2. Package Everything Yourself

Packaging all your belongings yourself before the move can save you on extra costs. A company will likely include fees for materials and time to prepare the belongings.

3. Be Familiar With the Costs Before Calling Companies

If you want to achieve a low cost or avoid overpriced quotes, it is best to know the prices in the area. If a company hits you with a higher cost than expected, you can counter it with something more affordable.

Are You Ready for the Big Move?

Are you still considering hiring a man and van for your upcoming big move? If so, don’t hesitate to fill out our free quote or contact Transport Executive with any questions you might have.

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