11 Places to Check for Free Cardboard Moving Boxes

The stress of moving can get high along with the cost. Cardboard moving boxes are not cheap, and usually, you are going to need many in order to complete your move. So you may be wondering if there are places where you could get some for free. We can help you with that.

Free cardboard moving boxes can be obtained from social media and secondary market websites like Gumtree. You can also get them from businesses (including retail and non-retail) such as grocery stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and bars. Additionally, you can ask neighbors, friends, and family.


This article will cover all the means by which you can obtain free cardboard moving boxes. Some of these methods may seem straightforward, but there is actually a process that you should consider that will render you free boxes without any hassle.

Places To Get FREE Cardboard Moving Boxes

We have put together a list of the places and resources you can search for in terms of obtaining free cardboard moving boxes. Take note that some of these resources at specific points in time might be better than others. This is just due to the simple fact of supply and demand.

However, all these options are viable ones, and you should take the time to consider each of them thoroughly if you do not want to spend any money.


Additionally, you will want to consider these resources where you live for the most part. This means that you do not want to have to drive out of your way to obtain a handful of cardboard moving boxes. Keep everything local if possible. Otherwise, you might as well just have purchased the moving boxes if you are going to be spending a ton of money on gas.

1. Check social media

Social media will be one of the best places where you will be able to search for free stuff (including cardboard moving boxes). Groups on Facebook are a great place to start. Make sure that you are searching for groups in your local area (as we said).

Moreover, it is also effortless to publish a post and share it on your profile. You can do this on any social media platform that will allow you to do so. Some of these include;

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

2. Check recycling centers

Recycling centers will be your next best option. Take into consideration that a recycling center deals in cardboard, plastic, and glass specifically and do not mistake it for a garbage dump. You will have a high probability of obtaining cardboard moving boxes from a recycling center due to the fact that many individuals will opt to recycle their boxes instead of discarding them.

3. Check secondary market

Checking websites (not social media) such as Gumtree is also another great resource. Besides searching, you can also place an ad. For the most part, you may be able to find free cardboard boxes. However, Gumtree is a secondary market website, and if you are not willing to pay, you may be able to barter your way into some free boxes by trading or swapping.

4. Check grocery stores and supermarkets

Grocery stores may be one of the best places to check for free cardboard boxes. It will help if you consider that all products that are delivered to your grocery stores are packaged in moving boxes. Depending on what contract the grocery store has with the movers or the recycling company, you may be able to speak to the manager and pick some up.

The significant aspect of grocery stores is that you will obtain various sizes of cardboard boxes that will probably suit you best.

5. Check local stores

As with grocery stores and supermarkets, you should also try local stores. Even though they may sell various products and merchandise, it is all shipped via cardboard boxes.

These stores may be more inclined than supermarkets to give you their boxes because they might not be liable for them (have an agreement to recycle them) and would typically throw them away.

6. Check local schools

Local schools might not have as many boxes as supermarkets or stores, but nevertheless, they will have accumulated many over the years. Take into consideration that schools (as with other businesses) need supplies (toiletry supplies, food for the cafeteria, etc.).

Once again, all of these will come shipped in moving cardboard boxes. However, the size and quantity of the boxes may be limited, but schools may be more congenial to your efforts.

7. Check local businesses

Local businesses which are not retail (they do not specifically sell anything) could be considered because, in fact, many individuals would overlook them.

Take into consideration that a business uses lots of supplies in terms of stationery, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. Typically, they will purchase and have these supplies delivered in bulk and discard the boxes.


The only thing to consider here is that this may not happen often, so your timing will have to be correct.

8. Check local warehouses

Local warehouses will probably offer the most amount of free boxes depending. However, as with grocery stores, they may be under contract and have to keep their boxes for any number of specific reasons.

If you do manage to obtain moving boxes from here, you will typically have your pick of size and the number in terms of quantity.

9. Check local bars and restaurants

Bars and restaurant is an untapped resource for moving boxes. Typically, they will have produce, alcohol, and many more supplies delivered on a daily basis. Restaurants and bars will typically not have a problem with you taking their boxes because they would have discarded them anyway.

Another excellent point is that usually, these boxes will be of medium size, which is ideally suited for moving.

10. Check with your neighbors

If you did not already check with your neighbors, this would be one of the first places to start. However, there are some factors that do not make this the ideal source for obtaining moving boxes.

You would have to consider your relationship with your neighbors and then if they, in fact, do have stored moving boxes that they are willing to part with.


Thus, even though this option should be considered one of the first places to check, the outcome of getting your hands on some boxes is sometimes not likely.

11. Check with friends and family

As with neighbors, you should also check with your friends and family first. They will be the most inclined to part with moving boxes at no expense on your part.

However, as with neighbors, it might not be the most viable option. Remember that people only ever require moving boxes when they are, in fact, moving, and afterward, more often than not, the boxes are discarded.


We found out that you would think some of the best places to obtain free cardboard moving boxes are from your friends, family, or neighbors, but they usually only have them when they are moving. This means the likely hood of getting some from them is sometimes not viable.

The best places to find cardboard moving boxes would be to check social media, secondary market websites, and your local businesses, including retail and non-retail businesses.

After that, you should consider schools, recycling centers, and warehouses.

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