3 Reasons to Use a Man and Van for Door to Door Deliveries

why use man and van for door to door delivery

You have multiple delivery options to consider when it comes to your home. Sometimes, you need something dropped off, but you don’t have an easy way to transport it alone. Many people don’t own large vehicles, so they don’t have the space for those belongings.

Luckily, A Man With A Van offers door delivery to meet your needs. We have multiple services and ways to assist you, so we’ll provide the necessary space to make you happy. Just contact us, explain your situation, and we’ll handle the deliveries and heavy lifting for you.

What Is Door Delivery

Door delivery refers to a business that shows up at your door to drop off what you need. For example, if you don’t want to go to the grocery store, you can have a service drop off the groceries at your front door.

Such deliveries go beyond smaller items like groceries. You can also request them to drop off a large TV, furniture, and anything else you need at home. Ensure you talk with the delivery company beforehand, so they can offer a quote and let you know if they can help.

After all, they don’t want to schedule a delivery if you purchase an object they can’t fit in their vehicle. If you go over the details, you’ll find the exemplary delivery service for you and ensure you find one to meet your needs.

How It Works

hand-holding-phoneWe keep the process simple. First, you contact us to receive a quick quote on your delivery. Then, you let us know where you need an item picked up, where to drop off the item, and the item in question. If you provide the information, our company will handle the situation.

Once you give us the information, we can determine when to drop off the delivery. That way, we can ensure we’ll drop it off while you’re home to avoid problems. Once we go through the details, we’ll perform the delivery at the specified time.

We don’t finish once we drop it off. We also help you transport the item where you need it to go.

For example, if you need a bed moved upstairs, we can help you, so you don’t tackle the challenge alone.

We help you throughout the process and get your deliveries where they need to go. We’re happy to get you what you need, so you can pay for our services and handle deliveries you don’t want to take.

3 Reasons to Choose Us

A Man With A Van offers some excellent services and benefits that make it better than standard delivery. We can meet your needs, give you what you want, and save you some time and headaches with your deliveries.

1. Save Yourself Time

Since you don’t have to pick up the items alone, you won’t have to spend time getting them. You also won’t have to move the items alone, so you’ll save more time by having a professional help you with the transportation.

2. Transport Larger Items

Some people don’t own large cars to handle their transportation. They may realize finding someone with a large vehicle poses some challenges, so hiring a company helps them past that problem. That way, the delivery person can place the object in their van and bring it to you.

3. Spend Less Money

While paying for delivery may seem like it would cost more, you’ll spend less money than other options. For example, the company that offers the product may deliver it, but they’ll charge more than delivery companies, so you can save money by having them pick it up.

3 Other Services We Provide

While looking into our door services, you can also check out our other transportation services. Doing so will show you how we help others, so you’ll know when you can call us for additional assistance with your transportation needs.

man moving a blue sofa1. Bulk Items Move

Since we carry belongings in a van, we can handle bulk items for you. For example, if you want us to bring you a piece of furniture like mattresses, we can go through the details and help. Just let us know the dimensions to ensure we get the right vehicle size for the move.

Doing so helps us to determine what we need for the item. After all, if the item requires multiple people to transport it, we’ll have to send more than one employee. You must give us the various details to make the delivery as smooth as possible.

2. Ikea Home Delivery

If you want further help with large objects from a specific location, we also move items from Ikea. We understand that purchasing something from Ikea and transporting it can pose some challenges, so we’ll help you.

While you could pay for Ikea to deliver it, it’ll cost more, so we can save you both time and money. You also don’t have to drive there on your own to pick it up, so you’ll make the process easier for yourself.

3. Student Movers

We understand that most college students can’t afford to pay for a complete moving service. Getting a moving truck can quickly become expensive, especially if the college student doesn’t have too many belongings to transport.

On top of that, the student doesn’t want to take multiple trips to go through their move. They can also run into problems if they have any bulk items, such as a TV, a bed, or anything else they need.

We can move you from your old home to a new location or anywhere else you need to go. Since university students move to new apartments regularly, we’re here to help them make that transition without worrying about their schooling.


A Man With A Van remains an excellent option for your door delivery needs. Whether you want large objects dropped off at your home or some smaller items, you can always call A Man With A Van for some help.

Transport Executive offers services in multiple locations throughout Great Britain and other parts of Europe. So if you need a safe delivery while minimizing the potential fees for different situations, you can contact us now.

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