4 Reasons Why You Should Move to Surrey

Why should you move to surrey

Whether you live in or out of England, there are definitely more than just a few reasons Surrey would be a wonderful place to consider when moving. Simply put, this southeastern England County that lies southeast of the English capital, London, is no doubt a great place to live in. But London isn’t all that, as there are tons of other great areas in the country that you may consider settling in and considering your new home.

Of course, most people move to other places in such of better job opportunities, investment, attractions and adventure, fun, peace, freedom, development, better economy, and much more, including personal reasons such as being with family.

But what should really makes you want to move to Surrey County? What are some of the benefits of working or living in Surrey? What are some of the great things about it that you’d want to move here from another area within the country?

Here are some of the great reasons to live in Surrey County.

Adventure, Attractions, Fun, and Entertainment:

Without forgetting the many events that take place throughout the year, Surrey County is full of amazing things to do, places to visit, and fun to have. Especially for growing families, you’ll barely ever run out of things to do with your kids in Surrey. Parks and recreation centres with playgrounds, event venues, and learning programs are plenty in Surrey. The county has some of the most popular family-friendly destinations, including Bear Creek Park and the Bose Family Corn Maze. If you’re outdoorsy, you’re going to enjoy Box Hill. Box Hill is quite famous to cyclists. There’s a lot to enjoy also in the Newton Wave Pool as well, as the Surrey Museum and other local attractions. Wait — are those 5 reasons to move to Surrey already? 

  • Many attractions and activities
  • Lots of entertainment
  • Many places to have fun
  • Great for kids and adults

One of our personal favourite places to visit is Chessington word of adventures it’s a great day out with the family. Click here to view more!

Transport Executive knows this, and we want you to enjoy this. We’re the professional moving house in Surrey to approach when looking for the best removal companies Surrey can provide.

Impressive Development:

No matter how much you run, do, or own there, a place with a low development rate is a boring place to live, let alone work in. But such a place is definitely not Surrey and not anytime soon. Surrey is the kind of place that has been growing really fast over the past few years and it looks like this trend will continue until the first three decades of this millennium. This means one thing, new opportunities are being created with every tick of the clock. With a population increase of more than 100K over the past decade or so, we’re looking at the most populous city in Metro Vancouver comes 2022.

  • Increasing population
  • Increasing business/investment opportunities
  • Increased employment
  • Increased social amenities
  • Booming real estate

Hampton Court Palace is one very impressive area and also well worth a visit. Look at the image on the right it’s even more impressive in real life!

Many Great Neighbourhoods

There are numerous options when it comes to neighbourhoods you can confidently move to in Surrey. Just to name a few, Crescent Beach, Elgin Chantrell, Morgan Creek, Sunnyside Park, White Rock are considered to be some of the best areas to buy real estate property in Surrey.

  • Live where you like
  • Like where you live
  • Move when you like

Great Transportation

The transport access and network in Surrey are also great. Especially since it is close and only a few minutes away from London, most people find surrey quite advantageous to live and work in. It also makes it easy for you when moving to surrey or moving out of Surrey. You only need to find and use a professional house moving service and you’re good to go.

  • Easy to move in
  • Easy commute
  • Easy to move out

And in that case, Transport executive is your trusted, experienced Surrey removals service whose services you don’t have to break the bank to afford.

In addition to many attractions, impressive development, many neighbourhood options, and amazing transportation, effective bylaws in Surrey are quite favourable for business. The county government also ensures that properties are well-maintained and suitable for both residents and visitors. If you own a single-family home in Surrey, you can legally own a second suite unlike in other major cities and areas within England counties.

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