5 Things to Know When Moving On A Coronavirus Outbreak

Due to travel bans, curfews, and lockdown restrictions, it has become incredibly difficult to move home during the pandemic. It is only natural to wonder if one can even move home during a coronavirus outbreak with all these complications.

You can move home during a Coronavirus outbreak as most moving companies are up and running and will have the safety measures in place to enable you to move with minimal hassles. However, travel bans and lockdown restrictions may make moving home during a coronavirus outbreak difficult.

Let’s look at potential issues that may make it challenging to move home during a coronavirus outbreak and explore ways you will be able to move home during a coronavirus outbreak.

Things That May Make Moving During Covid-19 Challenging

Here are a few things that may cause challenges in your ability to move home during a Coronavirus outbreak.

Lockdown Restrictions Can Make Moving Home During Covid Hard

Most cities have implemented various lockdown restrictions to combat the spread of covid-19.

Depending on where you are currently and where you plan to move to, you might experience a range of lockdown restrictions.

The most common covid-19 prevention mechanisms in place are wearing masks and social distancing.

The act of moving home is generally quite a confined experience, leaving very little room for social distancing. Additionally, moving home can be a sweaty affair, making wearing masks an extremely uncomfortable feeling during a move.

Although these issues exist, they will not make it impossible to move during a coronavirus outbreak.

Travel Bans Can Make Moving Home During Covid Challenging

Many countries have implemented travel bans due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Some of these bans include travel limitations across certain borders, making moving home particularly cumbersome.

As part of these travel bans, many countries only allow citizens into the country.

If you were hoping to move to a different country and do not have citizenship, you may not be able to move unless you can adequately prove why you need to move to the country.

When travel bans are in place, most countries require a PCR test before allowing you to enter the country.

If you are moving home by using a moving service, you may encounter some difficulty, as you will need to ensure each person involved in your move has undergone a PCR test.

You may also encounter difficulty in that some countries that previously did not require VISA for entry now do. In such an instance, you and your movers will need to have acquired VISA’s to enable you to move home.

Logistics Policies Can Make Moving Home During Covid Tough

Given the pressure that insurance companies experienced at the beginning of to covid-19 pandemic, insurance companies have become particularly stringent with their policy terms and conditions.

You may find that your medical aid is only willing to cover you if you remain in your current location and may increase your premium if you move to another location if that location is high risk in terms of the contraction of covid-19.

You may also find that the contract with the moving company is rather burdensome. Some moving companies may require you and your household to provide them with a PCR test before they conduct the move to ensure that they are not exposed to the virus.

Additionally, some moving companies may require you to compensate them for PCR tests they need to complete to assist you with the move if you are moving to an area that requires a negative PCR test before entering the area.

Additionally, you notice flight prices increasing during covid-19 waves and find that airlines have inserted terms that work against you as the customer in the event of a covid-related incident.

For example, suppose you test positive for covid-19 on the day of your flight to move to your new location. In that case, you may experience airlines refusing to allow you to rebook your flight, which is likely to negatively impact you financially.

Curfews Can Make Moving Home During Covid Challenging

Many cities have implemented curfews restricting people from roaming during the early hours of the morning or late at night in order to minimize social interactions.

If your current city or the city you are moving to has implemented a curfew, you may experience some challenges in moving if your move will include you moving during the early hours of the morning or late at night.

Having Covid-19 Can Make Moving Home During Covid Difficult

If you test positive for covid-19 at the time that you have scheduled your move, it can negatively affect you in various ways.

If you test positive for covid-19 and experience symptoms associated with covid-19, then you are likely to be feeling rather under the weather.

Your poor state of health may cause you to be unable to pack, which will negatively impact your ability to continue with your move as you planned on. Additionally, you will not be able to receive help from friends, family, or a moving company until you are out of isolation.

Additionally, if you have given notice at your current residence and need to move out by a certain date, but are unable to due to you having to quarantine, then various negative consequences could ensue.

Apart from you being sick, you may run into trouble with the new homeowner or new tenant as they intended to move into your current home on a certain date and now cannot because you have not moved out.

Furthermore, you may lose the money you paid to hire the movers or forfeit any flight tickets you booked.


It is possible to move home during a Coronavirus outbreak. However, if you move during a Coronavirus outbreak, you are likely to experience challenges due to lockdown restrictions, travel bans, curfews, and policies that many companies have put in place.

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