When Is The Best Time Of The Year To Move House?

Moving is stressful, even when the move is considered a positive one. Choosing the correct time of the year to move may help eliminate some of the stress and ease the transition. There are many aspects to think of when choosing the best time of the year to move house.

The cheapest time to move is generally winter weekdays, but this can vary according to region. Warm, dry weather is the easiest time for moving, and you should pick this according to your local climate. School and college terms usually necessitate moving during late spring or early summer.

Moving house is a stressful event in anyone’s life. It is best if you can choose a time when it will be optimal for you. If you need to select the most economical time to move, there are options for that too.

When Is The Easiest Time To Move Home?

Ultimately the best season for moving house depends on your needs and what is most important to you and your family. You may make your decision based on:

  • Budget
  • Weather
  • School terms
  • When you can get vacation days from work
  • When your rental contract expires.

This article will provide you with some pointers, but ultimately, you must make the right choice for your circumstances.

When Is The Cheapest Time Of The Year To Move House?

The most inexpensive time of the year to move house is usually during the winter months. Moving companies have the least demand during the colder months, and you may get better prices.

This is particularly applicable to climates where winters are harsh, and there is a significant temperature difference between the winter and summer months. In regions where climates are more temperate, there may not be much difference in relocation during the winter months, but it is worth enquiring.


Another helpful tip is that removal companies are busiest at the beginning and end of months. Choosing to move during the middle of a month will ensure you can select the day and date you wish to move, and you may get more economical rates.

Choosing an early morning slot during the week will also be more cost-effective. Those that choose to move mid-month usually do so on the weekend, making rates higher for weekend relocation. In addition, the moving company may need to pay workers extra to work on the weekend, and the labour cost will be passed on to you.

Early morning slots are less popular as most people like to have time to organize themselves before the van arrives. Preferred times are between 10 am and 3 pm. Choosing an early slot means you may get a better rate, although you will need to have all your belongings in order the previous night or have a very early start to the day.

An early morning slot will allow you the whole day to unpack, which is advantageous. You may need to apply for a vacation day to move mid-week. If you choose an early slot, you will probably only need to take one vacation day as you could possibly complete the move and unpacking in one day.

What Is The Best Season To Move House?

Most removal companies are busiest during the late spring and early summer months. The weather is warmest during this time, and people are more inclined to move when they are comfortable with the weather.

If the warm months are accompanied by torrential rain, it might not be best to choose the summer months for moving. The best weather for moving is warm, dry conditions. This is especially applicable if your move involves children and pets.


Summer offers longer daylight hours, which can make a difference in easily completing the move. It is difficult to move in the dark, and winter daylight hours are considerably shorter in most places.

In warm, dry conditions, children and pets can be left to play in the garden while you unpack instead of being cooped up inside or tramping mud through the new home.

Spring or autumn can be good times to move as it is not as hot as summer, making the physical work less exhausting. It can also be cheaper than summer moves in some regions.

When Do Most People Move Home?

The most popular times are late spring and early summer when the schools close for the summer holidays. People that are changing state or country generally try to move during the school vacation period so that their children can start a new year in the new school.

It is also less disruptive to school-going children to move during their holidays. They can help with the move and unpack their bedrooms. It is challenging to relocate children that must hand in homework or writes tests or exams during the transition.

Another popular time to move is during early fall or late spring. College student home leases often end and begin at these times, making them popular seasons for moving. In university towns, these two seasons may be the busiest times for removal companies. Ensuring a date for moving house during early spring and late fall may be challenging.

When Is A Bad Time To Move?

The worst times to move are public and religious holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Easter. Most people, including removal companies, take these days off and may close the company for a few days around these holidays.

While public holidays may mean you do not need to take vacation days, you may struggle to get a booking and will probably pay extra if you can get one.


If your job has a period when you become very busy, avoid this time. Stormy, snowy, and frosty conditions can create slipping hazards and make carrying furniture and belongings difficult and dangerous. It would be best to avoid months where these weather conditions are expected.


The best time to move house depends on your budget, your family, and specific requirements. You may need the cheapest time to move. This is generally a winter weekday, early in the morning. If you want to move in warm weather while avoiding the summer rush, try autumn or spring.

The climate of the county where you live, the unique features of the town, and your requirements will influence the best time to choose to move house.

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