Best Time of Year To Move in UK

Best Time of Year To Move in UK

The best time of year to move in the UK is usually during late spring to early autumn. During these months, you generally experience milder weather, making the moving process smoother and less affected by rain or cold.

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Best Time of Year To Move in UK

The best time to move house in the UK is from April to September. In these months, the weather is warm and not too wet, which makes moving easier. Without heavy rain or cold, moving your things is less difficult. Plus, these months have longer days, giving you more time to pack, move, and unpack.

Because the weather is good, many people choose to move during this time. This makes it the busiest season for moving companies in the UK. A lot of people moving means moving companies are in high demand. This can lead to higher prices and you might need to book their services early. So, if you plan to move between April and September, prepare for these things.

The Cheapest Time of Year to Move in UK

The cheapest time of year to move in the UK is usually between October and March. During these months, demand for moving services drops significantly compared to the peak moving season of April to September. This decrease in demand often results in lower prices for moving services. You are more likely to find competitive rates and discounts from moving companies during this period.

While this time is cost-effective, it comes with its own challenges. The weather can be unpredictable, with colder temperatures and a higher chance of rain or snow. This might make moving a bit harder, as you’ll have to deal with shorter days and potentially difficult weather conditions. If you choose to move during this period, it’s important to be prepared for these weather-related challenges.

if saving money is a priority, moving between October and March can be a smart choice.

Month by Month Breakdown

January: January is less expensive for moving, as fewer people are relocating. The cold weather and short days can make the move challenging, but it’s beneficial for those looking to save money.

February: Moving in February can also save money due to lower demand. The cold and potential snow can be obstacles, but it’s a viable option for cost-saving.

March: March sees slightly warmer weather. It’s still a relatively affordable time to move, although unpredictable weather, like rain, might affect your plans.

April: April offers better weather and longer days, but moving costs start to increase due to higher demand. There’s a chance of rain, though the temperatures are more pleasant.

May: May is a popular and more expensive month to move, thanks to good weather. Ideal for those who prioritize comfortable weather over cost.

June: June is the peak season for moving, with the best weather and longest days, but also the highest costs.

July: July remains a busy and expensive month for moving, favored for its good weather and aligning with school holidays.

August: August continues to be a peak time for moving with high costs. Good weather and school holidays make it popular, especially for families.

September: The weather in September is still favorable, but moving costs can be relatively high. The start of the school term affects its popularity.

October: October sees a decrease in moving costs. Cooler weather and fewer people moving make it a budget-friendly choice.

November: November offers lower moving costs but comes with colder weather and increased chances of rain or snow.

December: December is the cheapest month for moving, but challenges include cold weather, short days, and the busy holiday season. It’s ideal for those prioritizing budget.


What is the cheapest month to move in the UK?
December is typically the cheapest month to move in the UK due to lower demand for moving services during the holiday season.

Which months offer the best weather for moving in the UK?
The best weather for moving in the UK is usually between June and August, when the weather is warmest and the days are longest.

Are moving services more expensive during certain times of the year in the UK?
Yes, moving services in the UK tend to be more expensive from April to September, during the peak moving season, due to higher demand.

Is it a good idea to move house in the UK during winter?
While winter months like January and February offer lower moving costs, the cold weather and shorter days can make the moving process more challenging.

How far in advance should I book a moving company in the UK during peak season?
It’s advisable to book a moving company at least 4-6 weeks in advance during the peak season (April to September) in the UK to ensure availability.


For better weather and longer daylight hours, the period from April to September is ideal, but this is also when moving costs are higher due to increased demand. If saving money is important, consider moving during the winter months, particularly from October to March.

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