5 Best Places to Live in Hertfordshire

Deciding on the best places to live in Hertfordshire is not easy. It might depend on what you’re looking for – there are so many different areas, and each of them has its unique qualities, which could be the thing that makes it perfect for you.

Hertfordshire is known for its charming villages and people move here because of how good their schools are or how low their crime rates are.

Hertfordshire is also very close to St Pancras, London, and towns like Watford and Stevenage. This privileged location offers easy access to transport links such as train stations or airports, which can be beneficial if you’re commuting to work.

To make your decision easier, we’ve compiled the five best according to criteria like property prices, ease of transportation, and amenities. We hope that this information will help you find your perfect home!

1. St Albans, a historic market town

Housing In St Albans

St Albans is one of the best towns in Hertfordshire with a lot of ancient religious buildings and cobbled streets. It used to be a market town and nowadays has a population of just over 100,000 people.

It offers some great housing deals as well as amenities like high-performing schools, parks, and independent shops.

In addition to St Albans School and education, this place also boasts beautiful green space for those who enjoy outdoor sports or want somewhere peaceful to go on their lunch break. But if you’re not so into that sort of thing, there are plenty of establishments with coffee culture too!

You might be interested to know that the American billionaire J P Morgan lived here before he died in 1913. But don’t let his history put you off because now it’s your chance to live there too!

Housing prices

St Albans is one of the cheapest places to live in Hertfordshire. With an average price of £217,000, it’s more affordable than the Southeast average of £240,000.

There is a high-demand trend at the moment that could mean living in St Albans might not be such an affordable option in the future. But until then, head down now before all the good properties get snapped up first!

2. Berkhamsted


Berkhamsted is 26 miles from London’s northwest, making it a great commuter town for people looking to have quick access to the capital.

It’s also an old market town with plenty of heritage and history, dating back to Anglo-Saxon times when it was known as Beorhingsdune or Berkhamsted, which means ‘the home of Birk’.

Berkhamsted is famous as the birthplace of Thomas Paine, who wrote Rights Of Man – one of the founding texts for democracy.


The local shops are excellent, especially London Road, where you can get anything from bread and milk to bike spares without going into nearby towns like Tring, a picturesque market town.

House prices

The average price you’ll be looking at for a terraced house is around £230,000, which compares to an average price of £295,000 in London.

This price range makes the town attractive as it will give you more space without breaking the bank too much on your salary.

The cost of living here also means that wages are higher than they would be elsewhere. According to figures from last year, this was up by 14% compared with other areas within Hertfordshire.

One possible con

One downside could be transport links. But there’s still plenty going on with two mainline stations very close: Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead plus buses into nearby towns like Tring or Watford.

3. Harpenden

Housing In Harpenden

A beautiful market town with a population of around 42,000, is located about 17 miles from the center of London.

It’s seen as an attractive location because it has everything you could need. From major stores like Selfridges and Marks & Spencer) to leisure facilities – including a cinema and theatre.

This town has a lot of great secondary schools and you don’t have to worry about child’s education.

Quality spaces like the Welwyn Garden City

There are country walks on offer for those who want to be out in nature or even cycle routes, which means your commute isn’t just limited to your car!

You’ll also find plenty going on culturally here. There is a museum dedicated to local history and exhibitions at The Welwyn Garden City, plus an annual music festival.

Property cost

On average, the price of a property in Harpenden is £286,000. For a two-bedroom house, you can expect to pay about £265,000.

If you are interested in renting, the average rental price is £736 for a one-bedroom and £901.

All in all, there are plenty of options here, including exceptionally characterful properties.

4. Watford

The town of Watford has been rapidly growing and has recently been named the fastest-growing town in Hertfordshire.

This growth is mainly due to its popularity and easy access to London. Watford is also famous for its green spaces, excellent community spirit, and quality of life examples (like having an indoor swimming pool, for example).

Plenty of things to do here!

It’s also home to one of Europe’s largest shopping centers! But it doesn’t stop at shopping: you’ll find lots going on culturally here, including exhibitions and music festivals every year.

There are excellent schools and ample opportunities for sports with everything from golf courses to football clubs available.

Housing market

The housing market in Watford is at an average of £354,000 (May 2017), with townhouses on the high street and large detached homes in leafy suburbs.

5. Bishop’s Stortford

Housing In Bishops Stortford

This town gives a peaceful village life vibe that is perfect for those who want a slower pace. It’s one of the safest towns in Hertfordshire and has lots to offer, including its theatre, restaurants and shops.


The town center has plenty of things going on – there are fine examples such as three pubs that have been around since Victorian times!

Bishop’s Stortford also has excellent schools, making it a good place for families looking for somewhere peaceful but still close enough to London.

There are many essential places nearby like Stansted Airport or the renowned Cambridge University.

House price

If you want a village feel without the big price tag, then Bishop’s Stortford is perfect.

The average house prices are around £280,000, which means it won’t break the bank and there are lots of beautiful houses on offer in the area.


Where is the cheapest place to live in Hertfordshire?

The cheapest place to live in Hertfordshire is St. Albans, where the average house price is around £2k.

Is Hertfordshire better than Essex?

That’s discussable, of course, and Hertfordshire has many beautiful places. Still, the reality is it lacks some things that Essex has!

What is Hertfordshire known for?

Hertfordshire was known for having the highest population density of any English County.

It’s been ranked by The Sunday Times as one of the best places to live if you’re looking for peace, quiet, and greenery. There will be plenty going on in its many rural areas, including outdoor activities such as walking or cycling through Chiltern Hills National Park.

Hertfordshire is also known for its affluent areas, which makes life easier for its residents. But like any other country, it has its best and worst places to live.

How far is London from Hertfordshire?

Hertfordshire has two popular places closest to London: Hatfield, which is 16 miles away from central London, and Hemel Hempstead, 18 miles away.


We hope this post has given you a little more insight into what to look for when deciding where the best place is to live in Hertfordshire.

Read on for our other posts listed at the bottom of this page, or contact us today if there’s anything else we can do for you!

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