5 Best Places to Live in Edinburgh

In this article, we’ll be presenting to you a list of the best towns in Edinburgh based on our criteria. To do so, we looked at factors such as housing prices, population density, the type of community and ease of transportation. 

Edinburgh is the capital and the second largest city of Scotland which means finding all those things you might be looking for should be fairly easy here. Let’s dive in and start with our preferred choices

1. Marchmont

Housing In MarchmontMarchmont is a residential area located in the west end of Edinburgh. A lovely suburb with plenty of shops, bars and restaurants to choose from. It has many young professionals living there, which makes it an appealing area for young families.

The name Marchmont comes from Old English words, “big space” or “marchland.” The town was an important agricultural area during medieval times. It later was industrialized, since the 1800s, with coal mining, shipbuilding, glass making and warehousing. In 1801 the population was about 4.000 people, while today, it’s over 440.000 residents.

From Marchmont, you have easy access to the Edinburgh city centre Princes Street. All points eastwards by tram or bus are just minutes away!

Marchmont also has a very good public transport network. Short hop trains and the busses from Lothian Buses should make travelling around Scotland’s capital quick and easy for its residents.

A good amount of amenities and schools

This town is probably the best place on our list when it comes to amenities. There are lots of public parks, plenty of grocery stores nearby, and schools just within walking distance, making it a child place. 

This excellent range of amenities also includes Michelin starred restaurants and various stores to find one-of-a-kind items like charity shops.

The offer goes from beautiful green spaces to tennis courts, through football fields and several other sports facilities when it comes to outdoor activities. 

What’s the price of your dream home in Marchmont?

The average cost of houses here is about £375.000, making Marchmont an expensive neighbourhood to buy property in.

Fortunately, there are also some cheaper apartments and small studios or one-bedroom places, which fall in the affordable category. When it comes to renting prices, an apartment with two bedrooms will set you back by 250£ per week on average if rented out privately.

2. Colinton

Housing In ColintonColinton is located in the west end of Edinburgh, a few miles from the east end and centre. Several different neighbourhoods in this area, including Murrayfield (the home ground for Scotland’s national rugby team), Haymarket, Gorgie, Newington, and Bruntsfield.

This town dates back to the 12th century and has a rich history. It is one of Edinburgh’s busiest areas with many shops, bars, restaurants and offices. The area also comprises Colinton Mains (a residential neighbourhood), Murrayfield Stadium and Bruntsfield Links Golf Course, established in 1883.

Colinton offers quick access into town, only about ten minutes from Princes Street by car or public transportation.


This town offers an interesting mix of amenities that will appeal to most young families. One of those amenities is the Royal High School, one of the top-performing schools in Edinburgh.

Its proximity to Murrayfield is a great asset. It is also close to Bruntsfield Links golf course and Inverleith Park, which offer some lovely walks with views over the city.

It also has its shopping centre at Colinton Mains Shopping Centre on Colinton Road near Newington. There are many restaurants too, from up-market gastropubs like The Gannet’s Nest Inn to family favourites such as the Pizza Express restaurant.

Housing Market

The average house price is £236,000. The estate agents have reported a steady increase in sales over the last few months, and this trend will continue. It may be a good time for people thinking about buying or selling their home to get in touch with an agent sooner rather than later.i

3. Corstorphine

Housing In CorstorphineCorstorphine is considered a suburb of Edinburgh and is also at the West End of Edinburgh. It is a nice area and easy to access from other nearby locations, such as Morningside, Almond Place, Roseburn, Granton Square and Newington Green.

In recent years there has been an increase in young professionals moving into this suburb. So it’s perfect if you’re looking for somewhere that feels more upmarket without having to break the bank!

It’s also one of the safest places in Edinburgh to live because it is so peaceful and well-maintained. There are quite a few family homes in the area, making it ideal for all sorts of people who want a little bit different experience living in Scotland.

What is there to do in Corstorphine?

If you’re looking for amenities and fresh air, then this might be your best option. This small village offers great schools and local produce at family-friendly restaurants, grocery stores with fresh food and pharmacies.

All without any traffic jams or overcrowding that big cities have! You can walk everywhere from the bus stop to work or school, which means less time spent on public transport. The people who live here love it because they get everything they need and appreciate their own space away from busy city centre life.

All in all, we think Corstorphine offers some of the most important things for a proper work-life balance. Otherwise, the best places in Edinburgh are across several different areas, so if you want a taste of everything, then go on to explore!

House prices

The average price in Corstorphine for a three-bedroom semi-detached home is £325,000. It can seem expensive for those looking to buy their first home. But bear in mind that the average house price across Edinburgh as a whole varies from around £150,000 to £375,000. 

In the last few years there’s been an increase in new developments and construction projects in Corstorphine. Which has led to more houses becoming available on the market and demand dropping (which means prices has come down).

4. Stockbridge

Housing In StockbridgeStockbridge is north of the city centre of Edinburgh, surrounded by the Pentland Hills, New Town and Comely Bank. It is one of Edinburgh’s most popular residential areas, as it offers easy access to the city centre and other places such as Portobello Beach or The Royal Botanic Garden of Scotland.

Stockbridge is a community with money: it ranks high across various “best” lists, including ranking as #14th on Telegraph’s list of best places for young professionals, at number 22 among top UK commuter towns by Money Magazine and High Fliers Research, and ranked at number 16 on The Sunday Times’ Top 100 Best Places To Live in England list.

Some people have also described this area online who have visited Stockbridge as “a special place.”

The population in this neighbourhood stands at around 13,000 residents.


Stockbridge residents can enjoy pathways that connect to their local shops or walk along the River North Esk, which flows through the heart of this town.

There are several schools near Stockbridge for kids and students, including Melton Mowbray Community School, The National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth (NAGTY), Althorpe College International Primary Centre and St Mary’s Catholic Junior School, amongst others.

Average house prices

The median house price in the area around Stockbridge is £263,000. Properties range from small terraced houses to large detached buildings with gardens.

You can find One-bedroom flats starting at £110,000.

5. New Town

Housing In New TownNew Town is a central area of Edinburg built between 1767 and 1850. Its architectural value is remarkable as we can find neo-classical and Georgian period buildings still standing here.

It is a well-connected area with the Edinburgh city centre and has easy access to shops, restaurants and museums. The best places in New Town are George Square Gardens, Queen Street Gardens, Royal Botanic Garden, or Stockbridge.

New Town’s population is composed partly of young families that like this neighbourhood because it allows them to live close to their workplace while having a good life quality.

Housing market

The average house price in New Town is £284,000, which is more expensive than, on average, for Edinburgh, which stands at around £233,000.

Edinburgh is seen as one of the most attractive housing markets in Scotland. Its proximity to the city centre can benefit this. The prices have increased over time due to demand coming from people looking for an elegant place with good schools near their workplaces.


Where do the rich live in Edinburgh?

New Town, Edinburgh is a place where the rich tend to live. It is expensive, but fortunately, it’s possible to live comfortably on a more modest budget if you look around carefully enough.

What are the bad areas of Edinburgh?

Some of the bad areas in Edinburgh are Leith and Duddingston. However, these locations usually have cheaper properties than other parts of the city. This makes them an attractive prospect for those with lower incomes or smaller budgets looking for somewhere to rent or buy property in Scotland’s capital.

Is Edinburgh safe at night?

Edinburgh city, like any other big city it is not entirely safe at night. Especially if you walk alone in dark areas after midnight. If you do, make sure there are other people around and carry your keys and pepper spray or something similar for protection.


Edinburgh has something for everyone, whether that’d be history or one of its many communities, which offer people from all walks of life an easy way to feel at home. 

If you want to read about other exciting places to live in, go ahead and check our several blog posts on the topic we cover on our website.

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