Top Picks: London’s Best Commuter Towns (2023 Updated)


Ever dreamt of a place that blends the bustle of city life with suburban tranquillity? A place where travel times are as short as your coffee break, and green spaces outnumber skyscrapers?

Welcome to the world of the best London commuter towns.

Imagine stepping off a train after an easy commute from work in central London. You’re greeted by cobbled high streets dotted with cosy cafes, independent shops and art galleries.

You stroll home through beautiful countryside or perhaps stop for groceries at bustling market town centres. This is not some far-off fantasy but rather the everyday reality living in top-notch commuter belt locations like St Albans or High Wycombe.

Intrigued yet? Stick around because we’ve got loads more to share about these happiest places near London!

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Exploring the Best London Commuter Towns

If you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of London life but still want easy access to all its amenities, moving to a commuter town could be just what you need. With great travel times into Central London and a wide variety of attractions in their own right, these towns are becoming increasingly popular for both young professionals and families alike.

The Allure of Commuter Towns

Commuter towns offer an attractive balance between city life and suburban tranquility. Many individuals prefer them because they can provide that much-needed respite from the noise and pace of big cities while still offering excellent job opportunities thanks to their proximity to metropolitan areas like London.

In particular, Reading is 40 miles from London with only a 25-minute commute time by train, making it one busy commuter belt. Not too far away either is Epsom which boasts a reasonable 40-minute journey time back into central London.Reading’s fast rail links

Iver offers similar benefits being under half an hour via train from Central London Paddington. It’s also home to Pinewood Studios where many blockbuster films have been made – who wouldn’t want Hollywood on their doorstep?

Moving towards St Albans nearby, we find another gem amongst top commuter towns; about 20 miles out but only needing around 25 minutes on a train ride direct to London St Pancras.

Lastly, we have Epping. Whilst located roughly 17 miles from the British capital, a journey by rail of less than 60 minutes will take you right into London’s core. It’s part of the green belt and is home to Epping Forest – offering that much-needed slice of countryside.

The Fastest Train Services to Central London

Navigating these commuter towns is a breeze, thanks to their top-notch train services. They offer direct lines to major London stations like King’s Cross and London Paddington.

Key Takeaway: Feeling worn out by the London hustle? Think about relocating to a lively commuter town. Towns like Reading, Epsom, Iver, St Albans and Epping offer quick commutes to Central London along with their own distinctive charms. They’re turning into popular spots for professionals looking for that sweet spot between city buzz and suburban tranquility. Plus, there’s no shortage of fantastic job prospects.


The Fastest Train Services to Central London

Choosing a commuter town near London often hinges on one crucial factor: the commute. For many, this means relying on fast and efficient train services. The beauty of towns like Reading, Epsom, Iver, St Albans, and Epping is that they’re well connected to central London.

Reading’s rail links are impressive with direct trains getting you into London Paddington in just 25 minutes – making it a top pick for those seeking shorter commuting times.

Journey Times from Other Towns

Epsom offers an easy commute too. Although not quite as speedy as Reading’s express service, regular direct trains still reach Victoria or Waterloo within 40 minutes.

Iver boasts its own perks when it comes to travel time; you can be at Paddington station in under half an hour via train – great news if your work takes place close by. Plus, being only six miles away from Pinewood Studios gives Iver extra appeal for film industry professionals.

You won’t feel left out if you opt for St Albans either. Located about 20 miles north of London, this historic market town provides reliable services taking approximately 25 minutes straight into St Pancras International Station.

If rural charm tops your list then consider Epping which is around 17 miles from London. While the train ride is slightly longer (usually under an hour), you get to enjoy a peaceful journey on the Central Line.

Season Ticket Prices for Regular Commuters

Besides time, cost is another significant factor when it comes to commuting. Let’s take a peek at what annual season tickets might set you back if you were to make one of these towns your home base.

If you’re commuting from Reading, plan for a ticket price around £5,096. Epsom commuters? Budget close to £2,048 yearly – definitely something to keep in mind. Iver

House Prices in Top Commuter Towns

If you’re looking for an easy commute to London but want more space and a slower pace of life, moving to one of the top commuter towns can be a great choice. But what about house prices? Let’s investigate some facts.

Reading: A Blend of Modern Living and Historic Charm

In Reading, average house prices hover around £386,204. That might sound steep if you’re from outside the South East, but compared to Central London it’s quite reasonable. The properties here range from modern developments within walking distance of the high street shops and train station, to period properties that ooze character.

Epsom: An Attractive Market Town with Great Connections

The market town charm in Epsom comes with an average property price tag of about £566,926. Here too you’ll find both historic homes close to the cobbled high street as well as contemporary flats near leisure centres – all just 40 minutes away from London Paddington by train.

Iver: Quiet Countryside Retreat Close To Pinewood Studios

Nestled amongst gorgeous countryside is Iver where houses start at around £575,753 on average. This quaint location offers excellent access not only towards central London via fast trains (under half hour) but also towards famous film studios nearby.

St Albans: Historical Appeal With Easy Access To The City

Fancy living among medieval buildings while still being able to reach St Pancras within 25 minutes? Then St Albans may appeal; this historic market town has houses averaging out at approximately £631,247. You’d have history right on your doorstep along with trendy boutiques lining its ancient streets.

Epping: A Green Oasis on London’s Doorstep

For those who value easy access to large green spaces, Epping could be the perfect choice. Here you’ll find a wide variety of homes with prices averaging around £652,206. It’s also an easy commute to King’s Cross station – under an hour by train.

Regardless of which town fits your lifestyle and budget perfectly, we’ve got you covered.

Key Takeaway: Top commuter towns offer the charm of slower-paced life, with easy access to London. Average house prices range from £386,204 in Reading to £652,206 in Epping. Whether you prefer modern flats near amenities or character-filled historic homes – these locations cater for diverse lifestyles and budgets.


The Green Spaces and Countryside Charm

One of the joys of living in a commuter town is easy access to green spaces. Living in a commuter town offers an escape from the urban chaos of London, with lovely green areas and countryside views.

Towns like St Albans, High Wycombe, and Epping are well known for their vast open fields, parks, nature reserves, and gorgeous countryside views. They’re perfect places for picnics on sunny days or brisk walks during autumn afternoons.

A Glimpse into St Albans’ Greenery

St Albans has been listed as one of the happiest places to live in Britain. It’s not hard to see why when you take into account its large gardens filled with vibrant flowers along with its stunning medieval buildings lining cobbled high streets.

Nearby Verulamium Park is an oasis within reach – 100 acres worth exploring. You’ll find remnants from Roman times nestled amongst today’s modern amenities like tennis courts and leisure centres. Not forgetting the lake that serves as home to a wide variety wildlife making it quite an attraction.

The Beauty That Is High Wycombe

Moving further west towards Buckinghamshire brings us to High Wycombe – another excellent choice for those who value being close to beautiful countryside while still having easy commute options back into London Paddington station via train service which takes just under half an hour on average according key stats provided by National Rail services .

With the Chiltern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on its doorstep, High Wycombe offers a variety of green spaces and woodlands for residents to enjoy. The Rye, a large park in the town centre is also worth mentioning – it has everything from an outdoor swimming pool to a boating lake.

FAQs in Relation to Best London Commuter Towns

Where is the best place to live close to London?

St. Albans tops the list for many, with a short commute time and its historic charm making it ideal.

Where do most people commute to London from?

A lot of commuters journey in from Reading, thanks to its fast rail links and affordable house prices.

Where is affordable and commutable to London?

Epsom offers affordability combined with reasonable travel times into central London, making it a popular choice.

Is it worth living in London or in a commuter town?

If you crave green spaces but still want city life perks, choosing a commuter town like Epping could be your answer.


So, we’ve journeyed through the best London commuter towns. Towns that let you savour the hustle of city life and the peace of suburbia.

We’ve unveiled quick train services from St Albans to King’s Cross, short commutes like High Wycombe to London Paddington, offering excellent value for your annual season ticket. That’s practicality right there!

We took a deep dive into property prices – affordable options in Reading or perhaps a taste of luxury in Epping? All within easy reach of large gardens and gorgeous countryside charm.

Remember this: these aren’t just towns; they’re homes waiting for you with open arms. Homes where commuting times are shorter than coffee breaks and green spaces replace skyscrapers.

If it’s balance you’re after, these top-notch commuter belt locations offer just that. After all, who wouldn’t want an easy commute coupled with cosy market town living?

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