6 Reasons to Hire a Man and Van When Moving Into University


If you are moving to University, you need some help when it comes to moving all of your precious belongings to your new dorm room or apartment! Instead of going through the hassle of doing everything on your own, which may require renting a car and moving heavy furniture, why not use a professional who can do all of the hard work for you?

Not only is hiring a man and a van the best way to move your belongings from Point A to Point B, but you can rest assured that all of your furniture and personal items from home will be carefully transported to your university. 

So, why should you hire a man with a van instead of making a move by yourself? Check out these perks of our reliable moving company! 

1. Work With Reputable Professionals

Hiring a man with a van from the Transport Executive can put your mind at ease. We have a team of reputable professionals in various locations across the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Netherlands that can help you carefully and safely transport your items. Whether your goods are one-of-a-kind furniture pieces or they are sentimental, we make sure to take the greatest care when it comes to transporting your goods in one of our spacious vans. 

2. Multiple Locations in Different Countries 

Europe man with flags as pinsIf you need help packing up your room in Belfast and moving to Dublin, we can do that for you!

We have teams in England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, and other locations in Europe.

This advantage makes it easy to use us for all of your transportation needs, whether you are moving just down the street or you are moving to a new country. 

3. Student Discount

Not to mention, UNiDays offers a student discount for any student who wants to use AnyVan online to transport their belongings. All you have to do is join UNiDays or log in to access the £10 discount. Not only do we offer a discount to UNiDays students, but we also offer a price match guarantee and ensure that our prices are the lowest in the industry.

4. Upfront Pricing Structure

Another perk of using our man and a van moving company is that we offer an upfront and honest pricing structure. Instead of hiding the price until the very end, we provide a free quote for all students who want to see the cost of moving to a new university. 

Plus, you can calculate your moving costs based on a few key factors:

  • Volume — The more things you want to move, the more expensive it will be.
  • Distance — You can calculate the price of your move based on the distance of how far the moving company will need to drive. For example, moving to a new one-bedroom apartment on campus from your previous apartment will cost upwards of £1,215 for a 500-mile move.
  • Location — If you live in a remote area in the middle of the Scottish Highlands, this will be more costly than if you live in an easily accessible town near London. 
  • Other services — You can calculate the total removal and transportation prices by calculating the additional services, such as disassembly, cleaning, storage, parking permits, musical instrument removal, and packaging. 

5. Eco-Friendly Transportation 

Are you an eco-conscious person? If so, you will be delighted to know that moving your belongings via van instead of a plane is better for the environment!

Many truck rentals and van rentals are powered by diesel, allowing the van to travel farther with less environmental pollution. 

6. Different Van Sizes

different white van sizesLast but not least, we offer different van sizes that can fit your unique needs.

You may need the largest van possible if you are moving large pieces of furniture, instruments, and other oddly-shaped items.

If you are just moving a few large things from your bedroom, you could get away with ordering the smallest van. 

There are a few things to consider when it comes to which van you should choose for your university movie:

  • Size of Items – Make sure you select a van that can fit each item with enough space around it for easy accessibility. 
  • Number of Items — Maybe you have three big pieces of furniture, but that is all you need to move. In this case, you could maybe choose the smallest van. The number of oversized items is influential in the size of the truck you will need.
  • Weight of Items — Even if you have a few big things, they could be lightweight pieces, such as artwork. In this case, you may not need a heavy-duty moving van.
  • Distance — Lastly, the distance of how far the van needs to travel to get to the destination university can influence the van size required. 

Should I Book a Move with the Transport Executive? 

If you are moving to a new university, you have a lot to think about — you need to get your books, meet new friends, go to your classes, and fit in with an entirely new set of people. Instead of being stressed out about the move, let a man with a van take care of the heavy lifting, manual labor, and moving details for you.

Work with the Transport Executive today to make your move as easy and painless as possible. We have multiple teams all across the UK, Ireland, and Europe, ensuring you can always get the job done — no matter where you are going! Our services are cost-effective, efficient, and easy to book.

If this sounds like something you want for your impending move to university, check us out today. We are the top option for new students going to university for the first time or even grad students who want to move into a new apartment on campus. Our flexible options, such as different van sizes and affordable pricing, make us desirable for young professionals and students alike.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? We think so too! Check out Transport Executive today to book your university move with just a few clicks.

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