5 Awesome Ikea Products For 2018

IKEA is group of companies joined together. It designs then sells already made furniture like beds, chairs and desks, home accessories and kitchen apparatus. The furniture is usually self-assembled. IKEA gives its products catalogue every year. In this article, we shall discuss five of the best products it has for 2017.

  1. Vallentuna modular sofa 

This sofa namely referred to as Vallentuna modular sofa. It is mostly made of three pieces if different kinds. These pieces are ottoman, armrest and cushion. These three different parts come with different materials and of different colors. This means even the customer will base their selections based on the outward looks according to one’s preference. IKEA has delivery options for its customers. If a customer prefers to be delivered for their purchased item, the company offers delivery services but one is required to pay a small fee for the service.

  1. Table storage containers

These tables first are double. They have a metal basket under it. This metallic basket helps you to store your items. It is transparent, meaning than one is capable of seeing through it therefore, one should put in it good looking items like books and magazines.

  1. Clothing storage system

If you have moved in to a room that has no closets and you need to purchase one, this clothing storage is the best. It is known as an Elvarli storage system. It is not heavy. It has many shelves where you can place your shoes. It also has drawer. This system is greatly helpful because it helps in tidying up the room. It also has a hanging space where clothes can be hanged. Clothes therefore are neatly arranged, making it easy for you to access them.

  1. Varv clamp lamp

This lamp can brace on anything. It can clamp on a table, board and even a desk. It makes use of the LED bulbs. The LED bulbs save a lot of energy and in return, they reduce the expenses. A Varv lamp is usually adjustable. It can be adjusted from giving a brighter light to a softer mood lighting. It gives a light best for reading since it can be directed and can also be dimmed.

  1. Sunnersta mini-kitchen

Sunnersta mini-kitchenIts appliances and faucet are usually sold separately. This kitchen contains a sink, some space for storage and a tiny fridge. It is portable. Setting up a large kitchen at times increases the expenses and consumes a lot of time predominantly in a guest space or an office. For this micro kitchen, it is easy to fix it up since it has no many appliances. This kitchen helps you prepare simple meals. It is economical and easy to assemble.

From the 2017 products catalogue, we see that most of its products are efficient and you can assemble and dissemble them by yourself. This makes it easy for movement and transportation. Their products are pocket friendly. IKEA products are also of good quality and long lasting. Their delivery is also affordable and convenient for its customers.

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