5 Awesome Ikea Products For 2023


When you’re planning to move to a new place or purchase a new piece of home item, IKEA almost always comes to mind.

IKEA designs and sells already made items like beds, chairs and desks, home accessories, and kitchen apparatus, which make life so much easier especially for first time homeowners for an affordable price. The furniture is usually self-assembled, as the company assures that anyone can put up an IKEA piece without the hassle. Assembly is typically easy to do since they provide every single instruction in detail.

Every year, IKEA releases a product catalogue that features their available collections for the year. In this article, we shall discuss five of the best IKEA products it has for 2017.

1. Vallentuna modular sofa

This sofa is called the Vallentuna modular sofa. The set consists of three items of different appliance that fit well with each other — the ottoman, armrest and cushion. These three different parts come with different materials and of different colors. This means that you can customise your selection based on your preference and home design.

I used to not like modular sofas, but when I realised how much of a space saver they are, I’m sold. I understood why it’s easier to buy a modular sofa set than get separate pieces. You can easily transform your living area with the Vallentuna modular sofa. Throw in a nice rug and you have a hotel-like vibe.

IKEA has some convenient delivery options for its customers. The company offers delivery services for a small price for the service.

2. Table storage containers

When you buy a new home item, you want to maximise it’s function and ultimately put it to optimum use. This table, for example, can work as a lamp table, coffee table, or even a chair, but with the metal basket under it, it can definitely double as a place to store some items. It is see through, so it’s perfect for books or magazines. You’ll find that this would work as an end table, too.

For major shelving and containers, you may want to buy one of IKEA’s most popular items, the Billy Bookcase. It looks like an actual book shelf, but you can use it for many other things. Price may be a bit up there, but with its versatility and style, I’m sure you’ll love it.

3. Clothing storage system

If you have moved in to a room that has no closets and you need to buy one, this clothing container is one of your best options. It is known as the Elvarli system. It is lightweight, and even has shelves for your shoes. It has drawer to make your space organised all the time, while you can also make use of the top spaces as well. This system is greatly helpful because it helps in tidying up the room.The hanging space can carry your clothes and keep them neatly arranged, making it easy for you to access them.

4. Varv clamp lamp

This lamp can brace on anything. It can clamp on a side table, board and even a desk. It makes use of the LED bulbs. The LED bulbs save a lot of energy and in return, they reduce the expenses. This table lamp is usually adjustable. It can be adjusted from giving a brighter light to a softer mood lighting. It gives a light best for reading since it can be directed and can also be dimmed. So, if you find that the light is too harsh, adjust the intensity to a softer mood. To add to that, you can attach the clamp on literally anything, so that’s a plus.

It’s perfect for your working desk or coffee table for those late night or early morning reading. If you’re used to having a nice little lamp on your table, check this out and see if it fits the interior of your place.

5. Sunnersta mini-kitchen

Sunnersta mini-kitchenIts appliances and faucet are usually sold separately. This kitchen contains a sink, some space for storage and a tiny fridge. It is portable. Setting up a large kitchen at times increases the expenses and consumes a lot of time predominantly in a guest space or an office. For this micro kitchen, it is easy to fix it up since it has no many appliances. Pair it with a movable utility cart on the side for more storage, and you’ll have a completely portable yet functional kitchen.

This kitchen helps you prepare simple meals. It is economical and easy to assemble.

From the 2017 IKEA catalogue, we see that most IKEA products are efficient and you can assemble and dissemble them by yourself (yes, even a bed frame). This makes it easy for movement and transportation. For the most part, IKEA products look like they’re from a high end brand, but are actually very pocket friendly. You may get them at any IKEA store or from their official website, so that’s quite convenient. IKEA items are also of good quality and long lasting. Their delivery is also affordable and convenient for its customers.

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